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Oct 7, 2018

Kang daniel Birthday 12


Kang daniel‬

‪Usually when i explain how i love you to my friends they told me that I’m overreacting, but it’s true that you’re like a sky full of hope’s stars , i think between those thousands word I won’t find someone that can describe you , when i feel disappointed or desperate i talk with your pics as if it was my best friend, then i will feel comfortable , i hope that i can see soon my precious person , I really want to tell you how you are so special to me and how my live is amazing with you , you left a huge impact on me and my life , please keep healthy and smile always and don’t give up , please always remember that you have so many Wannables that will always support you and will be beside you when you feel weak , please be strong and do what you love and dont look at those weak and loser people, I love you so much my friend I hope that i can see you sonn and give you a hug , i wish to you a year full of happiness and what you love .‬

‪- shaden , arabic Wannable

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  • Hi everyone, i'm here coz i miss Daniel so much. PBP is right, the King will be back. Thank you for always supporting him. I will be here for Daniel, he is the first Kpop idol that i like & love. Wanna One is the first Kpop concert that i went to. I dont have the correct words to explain, but KangDaniel, please be safe and healthy. We will wait for you. Always. From Mysarabella, Malaysia
  • Thank you for everything you make. Thanks for your hardwork. I promise, I will always support you � � Thanks for make me smile,make me laught in everyda y 💕 I really love u♡
  • Happy birthday, Daniel! This is your 2nd birthday after your debut and I hope you spend it happily. Thank you for being born. Your existence means a lot to many people, including me. Your hard work and endeavour really encourages me to work harder too. You even dragged me out from the dark tunnel called depression. And by the way, I really want to give you a minj sized insectarium as a gift to make you see that bugs can be beautiful too. I studied about it in the university. I even can catch them barehandedly. Isn't that cool? Haha. I hope I can see you soon. I hope you can remember me as Bugs Noona until the day we meet. Once again, happy birthday! ---- For playbyplay-nim, I'm sorry if I submit it late, because I just knew about it. I hope you let me pass this time. :( Thank you for your hard work. 항상 응원할게요.